Thursday, March 1, 2012

Sabre Pepper Spray Review

Some scary things have been going on where I live.  About a week or so ago it seemed like someone was shot/killed almost everyday.  One state trooper was shot when he pulled someone over.  One third grade girl was accidentally shot by another student.  One man died when he drove into the water.  And the most scary is there has been three murders within a mile of each other all right next to where Bob works and they think they were done by the same person.  Sketches of the suspect have been posted all around town.  It is weird because we haven't had anything like this that I have known about in the three and a half years that  we lived here.  My personal solution to the scary attacks has been pepper spray.

Instead of running with my ipod only I now go with my ipod on one arm, my cell phone strapped on the other and my new pink pepper spray in my hand.  Regardless of all my self defense training I was always a little apprehensive about running by myself because one of the streets I like to go on is not very popular and it would be easy for someone to jump out of the bushes and grab me. Now both Bob and I feel more comfortable.

The small keychain Sabre Pepper Spray fits right in the palm of my hand.
 I like that it is pink and that it is the Maximum Strength formula.
It also has a flip switch making it very easy to spray.  What I don't like is that when I tried it it sprayed upward a little and it wasn't quite as powerful as I thought it would be.  It sprays about 10ft but in my mind I guess I thought that was farther than it really is.  I am glad I practiced.  It expires 1/2/17.  So I won't need to get another one for 5 years.  

I debated getting a taser instead but decided that pepper spray would be better because I can shoot the attacker with it before they get close enough to touch.  I also went with the pepper spray because it takes the attacker longer to recover and it dyes their face so the police can find them.
I bought it on Amazon here for only $7.20 with free shipping.  Lets hope I never have to use it.

Does anyone else carry pepper spray?  Bob thinks we should get a Great Dane to go running with what do you think?

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Mary-Anne said...

Good for you! My solution is just not to go running at all. :) Nathanael gave me some pepper spray a few years ago, but I don't know where it is anymore. Maybe I'll try to find it. It really is good to have! I do hope you never have to use it. It's really too bad that we even have to think about stuff like that.