Monday, February 27, 2012

Potty Training

Penelope is officially potty training and has been for about a week now.  I think it is going pretty well.  She is having a hard time going "we we (that is what we are calling it)" on purpose.  We will tell her to go to the potty and she will try but nothing will come out.  The good part is that several times she has said "i need go we we" and ran over and peed on the potty.  The bad thing is that we can't get her to go on purpose.  So if we want to go somewhere we cant make her pee right before.  It is a risk taking her out of the house so we usually put a diaper back on her.  She is funny because despite all my efforts to get her to drink liquids she doesn't go "we we" very often.  I let her run around the house in a shirt and underwear so it is very obvious to both of us if she goes and some days she will not go until 4 in the afternoon.  That is not normal, but it did happen.  I take her diaper off first thing in the morning and put her on the potty.  She never goes then.  Usually sometime around 11 or 12 she will pee a couple ounces on the potty and be good until 5 pm.  I think once she figures out how to go on purpose we will be good to go.

Here is a video with her talking about it among other things.

What we are doing to potty train:
First we waited until we thought she was ready.  We first tried a few months ago but she didn't seem into it so we didn't push it.  Now I think she is ready.
Put her on the potty every morning.
Attempt to take her to the potty every hour if she doesn't go after 5 minutes tell her it was a good try and let her get up.
When she does go on the potty we all get very excited and do a potty song and dance followed by a piece of candy.
Let her wear a shirt and underwear or loose pants all day so she can really feel it when she goes.
Let her watch this movie, sometimes multiple times a day.
If she starts to pee in her pants quickly put her on the potty.

That is about it.  The first two days she just pees everywhere and Bob and I spent the entire day trying to clean everything up.  It actually wasn't that bad because she holds it for 4 hours at a time.  With Tucker he went every ten minutes so this was a big task.  But after a couple days she recognized what was going on and tried to go to the potty that was about 50/50.  Now we are about %90 on the potty and %10 not.   That doesn't count night time when she wears a diaper.  She just needs to learn how to go on purpose and we will be set.

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