Monday, February 6, 2012

Scarlett's 9 Months

Today Scarlett is exactly 9 months old!
She now has two teeth on the bottom and it seems like her hair is getting thicker.  I thought she was doing better with her stranger anxiety because she was happy with my parents if I wasn't in the room.  So bob and I decided to get a sitter and go out on a date.  Unfortunately the sitter was not the same as my mom and she cried almost the entire time.  I guess the stranger anxiety is still going strong.  On a good note she has moved up to 9-12 month cloths and now takes a bottle!  It is nice for me to be able to share the burden of feeding her with Bob.

I think she liked the sign, that is until it fell over and scared her so bad that we had to be done taking pictures.

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