Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Cookies

Lets be honest, sugar cookies are a pain.  After making the dough you have to roll them out and cut them. That part isn't so bad but if you want to do a piped royal icing it could take hours to decorate the cookies.  For that reason I barely ever do sugar cookies.  I much prefer the basic chocolate chip cookie.  But, certain holidays call for a decorated sugar cookie.  Valentines Day is one of those days.

I got the recipe here and instead of the hassle of piping royal icing I made an easy cream cheese frosting for some of them.  And for the others I used extra store bought chocolate frosting.  Both were good but they both had a very different taste.

 I took a couple close up pictures of the sprinkles.
The good things about sugar cookies are they are fun for the kids, they look pretty, and they do taste yummy.  Ah, if only it wasn't fast Sunday.

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Lorraine Butler said...

Seriously! That is a bit cruel.