Friday, February 10, 2012

Coloring the Alphabet

Last year Tucker and I worked hard learning the alphabet.  We took a letter a week and colored pictures of that letter all week.  We missed a few weeks because it did take us almost the whole year to finish.   But we are done and I am glad.  I saved one picture for each letter but that still seemed like too many papers to keep somewhere in the house so I could give it to him in 20 years.  Instead I scanned them all onto the computer and made them into one document.
I love how it turned out.  In the bottom right I had him draw a picture of his family.  Surprisingly the bottom two people are Tucker and Penelope.  Bob, I and Scarlett are in the back.  I am guessing we would have been bigger if he had more room.

Coloring is something that Tucker can be pretty good at.  Sometimes he will just do a couple lines and I have to really convince him to keep coloring.  One time he sat and colored one picture for about 30 minutes.  I was shocked because the only time he had previously sat still for that long was while watching tv.  I went over to check on him and we was nicely coloring a transformers picture.  He used many different colors and stayed mostly in the lines.  If he is coloring something that he likes than he can work on it for a while.  

Sometimes he likes to write words too.  He will write random letters and have me read it.  Something like 'tuocuocoker'.  He thinks it is hilarious and it is usually predominantly the letters in his name because he knows those ones the best.

Once in a while he will want to write something real, like a letter to someone.  In that case I will either sit and tell him one letter at a time to write (this takes patience) or I will write what he wants to write on another piece of paper and he will sit and copy it.

It is exciting for him to start to learn how to read.  My goal is for him to know the names, sounds, and be able to write all the uppercase and lowercase letters before kindergarten starts in September.


Lorraine Butler said...

Great poster!!

kat and Cam Udy said...

this is awesome! that is so smart to make it into one document.