Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vibram Speed Review

Whenever I go anywhere with these shoes on people ask about them.  Scratch that Bob wears his Vibrams on a daily basis so whenever I go anywhere with Bob people ask about his shoes.  I first bought the women's KSO's two years ago while training for a half marathon.  I loved them but I did get a tear on the top of the big toe.  Still wearable but after the marathon they were a little worn.  About two months ago I bought the women's Speed.
These are the Blue size 39s and they sell for $100 and you can check them out at the Vibram site here. I wear a size 7 and these fit me well.  They are not too tight and I have just the right amount of wiggle room.  If you have never worn toe shoes before they might be a little tough to put on but you get used to it after a few times.  And after wearing them for a couple minutes you don't even notice that your toes are separated.

I have worked out and gone running in these several times now and have no complaints.  The best thing about vibrams is how light they are.  Before I got my first pair I was kind of nervous but now I think it would be weird to go running in normal tennis shoes.  With these shoes it is like you are running barefoot except your feet don't get torn up from the ground.
This pair has laces which I found I prefer over the strap that other vibrams have.  You can tie them up just like normal shoes.  The cloth on the top of the shoe makes a honeycomb type shape and it seems more durable than other materials.
The underneath or bottom of the shoes looks like this.  Kind of a skeleton type look.  It is not too thick so you can feel it if you step on a rock or something like that but doesn't hurt your food as it would when barefoot.
I will say that after a long run in these my feet to get pretty smelly.  Even though they make socks I do not wear them with socks so you can imagine what that smells like.  To get the smell out of the shoes I just take them into the shower with me and rinse them out or sometimes I will even throw them into the washing machine.  Just make sure not to throw them into the dryer.
 Above is a picture of me with them on.  One thing that I don't like about wearing this is that everyone comments on them.  Not comment like a friend saying they like your shoes.  I am talking weird comments from strangers.  Some people like that.  I on the other hand like to talk to people I know about them but not random strangers.  You might get some funny looks with these on or lots of questions.  People ask if they are socks.  Or one person even seriously asked my husband if he was a ninja.  Seriously.

Honestly, I love to exercise in these shoes. If you are on the fence I would say, get them.  My husband has a hard time running without his knee brace on unless he is wearing his fivefinger vibrams.  These are comfortable and running in them is like running barefoot which can feel very freeing.


DerrK said...

I've always wanted to try a pair first before purchasing. $100 is a lot to spend on shoes if you aren't sure about them. Do they do a trial period and if you don't like them they'll take them back even though they're used?

Michael and Denise said...

Michael loves his vibrams.