Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Tucker and Penelope made Valentines for each other.  They were very simple and cute.  Perfect for a toddler or any kid really.
 Tucker's used a toilet paper roll construction paper and pipe cleaners.  All things we had!
 Penelope got the scissors and was cutting things she wasn't supposed to cut.
Here is Tucker's finished product.  It says "you make my heart flutter."  It was really cute because he picked out the two colors that he thought Penelope would like.  Pink and Purple.
Somewhere between the last picture and this one his wings fell off and got put back on upside down.  haha.
Penelope's says "I have my Eye on you."  I am trying to do more crafts with the kids.  More specifically  with Tucker.  I want to get him ready for school!

We had a fun Valentine themed family home evening on Monday.  For the lesson I printed up a bunch of little hearts that said things like, read 4 Nephi 1:15, or sing Love one Another, or tell how you can show love to your teacher at church.  I then put them all in a bag and the kids took turns pulling a heart out and doing what it said.  Unfortunately Penelope cried almost the entire time because she got her blanket taken away.  It was hard to do anything with  her screams in the background.  

Penelope calmed down and the activity went much better.  Everyone got 4 hearts we each wrote something we love about the other family members on each heart.  My favorites are: "I love mom because she gets my blanket for me (from Penelope)." "I love dad because he plays tiger with me (from Tucker)."  "I love Scarlett because she kisses me (from Tucker)."  Bobs was kinda funny, it said "I love Doranda's ........"  It was totally a joke and the kids did not get it at all which made it way more funny.  He said I could use my imagination to fill in the blank.  I'll say it is supposed to be cooking.

I hope everyone had a good Valentine's day!

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Michael and Denise said...

I'm glad that Penelope eventually calmed down, so everyone could have more fun with the second activity.

I know if Michael wrote "I like Denise's...." it would be left blank, because it would be something we didn't want repeated in nursery!

Jules w/ LovelyandCo said...

Those Valentines are too cute! I can't wait for Kasen to be old enough to make me Valentines :)