Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bob Hang Gliding

Whats up, its Bob (you know Doranda's awesome husband) ha ha. I just wanted to let everyone know that I crossed off two things on my bucket list. Hang gliding and buying a new awesome guitar.

First off, I bought a new Taylor 714ce Acoustic guitar. For those of you who don't know anything about guitars, I think Taylor makes one of the best guitars. The 714ce is one of there upper end models, made with Indian rosewood back and sides, and Western Red Cedar top. I am sure most of you are thinking, ohhh, ahhh, what does that mean??? Well, It just means it sounds awesome. I bought it used in Florida for about half the price of a new one. It is in near flawless condition. I did have to sweet talk the guitar center people to drop the price a couple hundred bucks. But it worked.

Here are some pictures of me Hang Gliding, followed by a video.

 This is before we took off. We were being pulled by an ultralight. Yes Dad, I know you want one, and if you get one can I tow behind?
The Guy in the orange owned the place, he kept telling me stuff that I am sure was important, but I was too excited to pay attention. The only thing I really did was pose for the pictures and try to keep my heart at a normal speed.
They used one of those High Def Sport cameras. It took a picture every 2 seconds. They had it hooked to a telescoping pole. And the guy under me moved it around throughout the flight so we would get different pictures.
Once again, more poses. This one on the right is  when we finally pulled off the ground. The Wills Wing Falcon 3 I was flying with starts to glide around 20mph, the ultralight needs to be a 30mph to pick up off the ground. This is one of the concerns with ultralights pulling hang gliders. The Plane has to go as slow as possible, while the glider is going faster than wanted.
So we started our ascent to 3,500 feet. Pretty high for someone like me who is scared of heights.
 I am kinda tired of typing.

They had a couple different types of flights you could take. The flight I took was $199, then $60 for the video and pics. I decided since I might never do this again, it was worth getting the pics. The plane took us up to 3,500 feet, and then we did some aerobatics. Which were a little freaky, but awesome. I even flew the glider most of the time. Watch the video, yes it is long, but I wish it was longer, cause it was soo much fun!!!!!!!!! If you wanna see the crazy parts, jump to 3:20 and watch it till about 5:20. 

From bob

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Sara Shoemaker said...

I wish my hubby would hi-jack my blog once in a while! how fun is this! Hang gliding would seriously be soooo fun I want to do it so badly. I'd say definitely worth the extra to get pics. awesome!

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