Friday, March 9, 2012

Tucker's Talk

Tucker gave another talk in primary and he did a really good job.  He was so excited for it.  Since it was on prophets I figured that it was an easy enough topic and Bob and I wanted him to come up with as much of the talk by himself as he could.   The talk starts out with "Who is the Prophet? President Monson.  What does he teach us? He teaches us at church."  Those were Tucker's answers when we asked him the questions (well he said President Monson after we told him the president part).  I am not going to act like he made the whole talk because bob and I did help a lot with figuring out what he should say.  But when we were working on the talk tucker was singing the prophet song and I asked him if he wanted to sing that in his talk and he said he did.  I didn't practice that part with him at all he just likes that song and it is pretty easy.  We made his talk in picture form again so he could read most of it by himself.  When we got up in front of the primary he kept looking at me for what to say next.  I thought that was kinda funny because when we were practicing at home he refused to let me help him.  I guess the stage fright got to him.

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Lorraine Butler said...

Awesome talk. Thanks for posting it--I just love Pres Monson even more!!