Sunday, March 11, 2012

Want It? Make it!

Do you ever made your own clothes?  I don't didn't but now that I have made a couple things I can honestly say that it is doable; even for those of you who don't sew.   There is a myth out there that you have to be a good seamstress to make clothes, but it isn't true.  I used to be scared to make anything and that only held me back from learning how to make everything.  If I can do it than you can too.

While on Pinterest the other day I saw a pencil skirt that the pinner made in 25 minutes.  I thought I'd give it a try, regardless of the fact that I had never made anything wearable before.  I read her tutorial, looked up a few other tutorials, went to the store for fabric and got started.  It took me about an hour and a half and it isn't perfect, but the material only cost $1.50 and I love it.

Is there something out there you want but can't find or afford in stores?  Try to make it.  Really, you can do it, just take the plunge.

homemade infinity scarf, $2;  Rue 21 shirt, $15;  homemade pencil skirt, $1.50;  Target tights $3.50;  shoes from Japan $20.

A big Thanks to everyone who participated in last weeks party!  It would not have been possible without you.  I definitely got some great ideas of modest things to wear.  

The most clicked on outfit was ...
Shades of Green by Sara at The House of Shoes.  I love how she turned the outfit from day to night by just making  a few key changes.

Now for the Party

Link up your best church outfits so we can have a fashion link party.  Sometimes it can be hard to dress modest and look nice so post what you are wearing and I will post my favorites next week along with the most clicked on link.

Link party rules

1) Link to a specific blog post not the entire blog.  Or if you don't have a blog link to a facebook picture (right click the image and copy the image URL), or photobucket picture (upload it and copy the direct link on the right), or send me an email with the picture attached (

2) Only link modest outfit related posts.  We don't really need to see your crafts or 'what not to wear' type posts.

3) Grab a button on the left and post it somewhere on your blog, or pin/facebook/tweet about the party.  Don't forget to become a follower on the left.  Get the word out because the more posts we get the more fun we will have and ideas of what to wear next week!

4) Check out at least one other link.  The whole point of the party is to see what other people are wearing.


g*rated said...

wow, i can't believe you made that skirt! i am terrified of the sewing machine, but maybe one of these days i'll conquer that fear ... :) oh, and i love those purple tights, too! thanks for linking up.

Sherri said...

Wish I could sew! Your skirt is awesome. Love the entire outfit. Great look on you.

Beverly Houpt said...

Is this where I add a link to my favorite church outfit?

grabbing a button now...

Doranda said...

Normally you click the 'Add your link' button above and do it that way, but since you left the URL I went ahead and did it for you. Thanks a bunch!

AmberRay said...

I put an outfit I wore today but I would wear this to our church. I hope it counts :)