Friday, March 30, 2012

Church at home? Woohoo

Yay it is once again conference weekend!  I love that I get to stay home on Sunday and not get dressed in church clothes and I don't have to plan a primary lesson.  It is always a battle to listen with the kids running around but I have some activities planned for them this weekend that will hopefully keep them occupied.  

The church came out with these cool banners to help us get the word out.
 Come listen to living prophets

I love how on top of all the technology the church stays.  If you are not familiar with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or general conference I suggest you check it out.  You can watch it online or on BYU tv.  Basically it is a weekend full of uplifting messages from the leaders of our church.

 Come listen to living prophets

The banner says Sunday at 10 am Mountian time but there are also sessions Saturday at 10 and 2 mountain time (9 and 1 for me) a Priesthood session Saturday at 6 and Sunday one last session Sunday at 2.
p.s. even though it is not a normal Sunday for me I am still planning on having the link party early Sunday morning.

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