Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nap time fun

I was getting bored the other day during my kids 21/2 hour nap and I could tell Tucker was playing up in his room bored too.  So I thought since the lighting was right I would join him and take a few pictures.  This first picture is the actual face he made when I told him it wasn't time to get up yet.  It is sad.
Once calmed down He showed me the toys he was playing with.  The troll is one from when Bob was a kid.
My mom got Tucker this reading book thing.  He wears the headphones and pushes the buttons and the book reads it to him.  Tucker loves the Scoobydoo story best.
 Motorcycles and power rangers are always fun.
This is the car that Tucker shares his name with.  It is from his Great Grandma and Grandpa Swift.  The  real car is cool because it has a middle headlight.  They only made 51 of them back in 1948 and one just sold for I think it was 3 million.

 I know this is getting to be a lot of pictures but what can I say? I was bored.
 Here you can see Penelope colored onto the bunk beds :(

Todays nap time is going much better.  The past couple of days Tucker has actually been sleeping because he still has a cough and I told him he needs sleep to not get sick.


Lorraine Butler said...

When I was little "nap time" was when I got in the most trouble. When I was a young mom and desperate for an hour of peace I called this time "quiet time." My kids were allowed to do whatever they wanted (virtually!) as long as it was quiet. They would plan for quiet time during the day so they wouldn't be bored. Oh, how I miss quiet time!

caleb swift said...

Ahh, what boredom can do.