Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bob's Sick

It seems like I always do a post when someone is sick.  I'm not sure why it is just what I feel like writing about.  Monday Bob got really sick.  It was strange because it seemed to come out of nowhere.  I had had a cold about 2 weeks ago and then some of the kids had the cold last week.  Penelope still has a runny nose and Scarlett had a slight fever last week with her cold.  On Sunday afternoon Bob was getting a sore throat, no big deal right?  I mean when my throat was hurting and I had a cold Bob did not stay home to take care of the kids so I could rest.  So Monday morning Bob went to work regardless of the sore throat.  

After he got home we all piled into the car and went grocery shopping.  We do this weekly.  It was when he was in the produce isle I looked over at him and he was visibly shaking and did not look good.  He said he was cold and we went on.  This was weird because I am always cold and Bob is never cold.  At the time I had a sweater on and felt fine.  We kept shopping.

By the time we got to the checkout Bob really was not looking good and he decided to go wait in the car. I bought the food (with his credit card and signed his signature because I didn't bring my wallet) picked up the kids (from the Fred Meyer Play Place) and loaded everything/one into the car. When I get into the car I notice that Bob is in the passenger seat, he usually drives, with the heat literally turned up to 90 degrees!

We were in a hurry because we were having dinner that night at a friends house.  So we were really just running home to put the groceries away and take Penelope to the bathroom.  Bob headed straight to bed.  After dinner just as I was getting into the car to head home I got a text from Bob that said 'help'.  Wasn't really sure what that meant so I decided to break the law once again and start driving home while I called him to find out if he was ok.  I still don't know why he really text me that except to get me worried because once I got home there really wasn't anything for me to do.  He looked horrible and in pain on the bed.  

I got some people to come over to give Bob a blessing, thank you if you or your wife is reading this, and then I slept on the couch.  I really didn't want to catch what Bob had.  I have been disinfecting the house all day.  Bob seemed much better Tuesday.  He was still sick, but now he was able to stand up, even walk around a little, and eat food.  This morning he left for work.

Aside form the runny noses and small coughs here and there the kids and I still feel fine.

It seems like something is going around.  Is anyone else out there sick?  Does anyone know what kind of weird virus could make one person just have a cold and the next in bed with a fever?


Michael and Denise said...

Sorry Bob got so sick. Hopefully everyone else stays healthy and Bob completely recovers soon.

Mary-Anne said...

Weird! That sounds kinda scary. Jacob was sick last week and Nathanael had Strep Throat this week. I'm still hoping I don't catch anything! Hopefully you don't either.

Gayle Daly said...

Sorry to hear Bob is under the weather. It seems when men get sick, it is usually more dramatic. Not saying he is dramatic, but I when their body finally gives into it, it's bad.