Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How to Refinish a Chair DIY

I was so excited when I found this chair for only $1.29 at Good Will.  It was marked $9.99 but it was green sticker day making everything with a green sticker only $1.29.  I found it at the beginning of our shopping so Bob had to hoist it around the store the entire time for me.  It worked out because after looking at clothes I found him sitting on the chair in the middle of the isle watching the kids play with the toys.

Refinishing a chair is easy!  Especially if you are not reupholstering it and if you are painting it a color instead of staining it like I did for this chair.  Another great thing is after all said and done I only spent $5.29 on this chair!  What a bargain.

 Materials Needed:
Sand Paper (had it)
Primer (had it)
Spray Paint ($4 Walmart)
Chair ($1.29 Good Will)

Below is the "before" picture.  It was nice and sturdy and had great character making it the perfect buy for me.

1) The first step is to wipe it down and then to lightly sand it.  Once that is done this chair had a whitish look and i wiped it down again making it look pretty much the same as before I started.
My favorite part of the chair is the unique cup holder.  I have never seen one like this before.
 2) Paint the chair with a primer and let it dry.  I used a white all surfaces primer in a big can that I already had.  Spray primers work as well.
 3) Spray paint it! This chair used up the entire can.  This has got to be the easiest tutorial I have ever done!
 Now it is pretty and white, although I think it could use a pop of color.
 This chair is going to make a great photo prop.

Now we just need to find a spot in the house for it so I can move it out of the garage.


Sarah said...

Looks great! I love fixing up old furniture, it's so cheap and makes such a difference.

Bryttan said...

Great find! I love the pillow and orange cup you put with it, too! You could plant flowers in the cup, leave the pillow on it (I think it really ads) and leave the chair out on the porch, for a summer evening!

caleb swift said...

Its cheap, and looks nice. Great Idea to have your husband carry it a around the store for you.

Anesha said...

Looks wonderful in white.

Sara Flynn said...

That looks awesome! Good job!

Rachel Kaylynn said...

The chair looks great, you did and amazing job.

DerrK said...

You make me want to hunt for furniture at the Goodwill. That is a cool chair!

Lorraine Butler said...

Nice job, Doranda. You're inspiring!

Jenny Melrose said...

Your tutorial is fabulous. I've always wondered how to refinish a piece of furniture. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!