Sunday, March 25, 2012

Green and Brown

I know it wasn't technically St. Patrick's day, but I still had to wear green to church last Sunday.
Bob seemed to like this outfit more than what I usually wear.  I think it was because of the shirt, or maybe the hair.  I had it teased kinda big in the morning.  By the time I took these pictures it deflated a little.
Shirt, Khols; Belt, thrifted; Skirt, Old Navy; Boots, Sears.

I didn't get much participation in the link party last week and I thought about just stopping it but I think I am going to keep it going.  Even if no one participates I still am having fun putting up pictures of my outfits.  And I am enjoying the few that do link up.  Last week we had:
 a beautiful Arkorie Bracelt from Bacon Time with the Hungry Hungry Hippo

A hand braided scarf from The Winthrop Chronicles

 Stripes and Peplum from Haircut and General Attitude

Now for the Party

Link up your best modest outfits so we can have a fashion link party.  Sometimes it can be hard to dress modest and look nice so post what you are wearing and I will post my favorites next week along with the most clicked on link.

Link party rules

1) Link to a specific blog post not the entire blog, or send me an email with the picture attached (

2) Lets keep it modest.  That really is the whole point.

3) If you like the party grab a button on the left and post it somewhere on your blog, or pin/facebook/tweet about the party to help get the word out.  Don't forget to become a follower on the left.  


Jenny said...

I love your linky party, so please don't stop! Mine also doesn't get a lot of participants yet, but I know they get bigger with time...I love the inspiration I get from the lovely bloggers who link up!
Modern Modest Beauty

DerrK said...

So do you want something posted every week? And my blog is private so I don't think it'll work with linking to my blog. How else can I participate?

Mindie Hilton said...

Linky parties are a lot of work but they are fun and I enjoy coming. Thank you for featuring my bracelet from Akorie above.

Doranda said...

Well, you can email the picture to me. Or you can link it to a facebook or photobucket picture. Just click the link and put in any url then there should be a tab where you can change it to uploading a picture off your computer, or a direct link. That should work but I have only done it once that way so I am not positive. I am going to keep doing it every week because I think it is fun. See you soon.

Emily said...

I would love to be part of your linky parties, but I am a little blog illiterate (working on it :) and don't know how. Could you explain it ? Thanks! Thanks for visiting my blog, yours is adorable!