Friday, March 23, 2012

Swim Lessons

About a month ago Tucker started swimming lessons.  This is is first organized anything aside from church and he absolutely loves it.  The whole time he is in class he just has a huge smile on his face.  This is his last week in this class and I think he is a little sad about it.  We did sign him up for the next session but he will be moving up to the next level which means new teachers, new kids, and probably less toys.  Below is my favorite picture!  You can really see the excitement on his face.
Here you can see them dunking their ears into the water.
Here you can see Tucker floating on his back with Ava, aka the girl teacher.  He also has a boy teacher and there are two other boys in his class.  Wyatt, who he calls the boy with the same name as Super Why, and there is also the boy with the spiderman swimsuit.
 Here you can see them holding onto the wall kicking.
 I asked Tucker what they were doing in this picture on the left and he said they were closing their eyes for a surprise.  The surprise was that they were getting tied up with noodles.

This next picture is also pretty good.  It almost looks like he is flying.  What he is really doing is getting ready for a massive belly flop.
We wanted to sign Tucker up for swimming lessons because he loves the water.  He is one of those kids who is not at all afraid of it or drowning and he will run and jump in regardless of the fact that he cant swim.  This class really was a perfect fit for him.
On tuesday his teacher gave us a little report card saying he was ready to move up to the next level.  It also said that he is an excellent listener and he had improved quickly!  The reason he improved quickly and is an excellent listener is because after I watched his second class (I missed the first one) I noticed that he was being crazy (splashing everyone, taking toys from the other boys) and not really listening.  I then informed him that it is not ok to act that way and if I see him do anything like that again we will not be going to swim lessons.  That scared him because he really did not want to stop.

Anyway, I am glad Tucker is enjoying swimming.  It is good for him to be able to do something that is just for him.


Mary-Anne said...

Those pictures are adorable! Tucker is such a cute boy.

Gayle Daly said...

Indescribable joy!

DerrK said...

Those are great pictures. I might need you to take good pics of my kids while at swimming. LOL