Thursday, March 22, 2012

Over the Rainbow

On St. Patrick's Day I wanted to do something with the kids besides green food and corned beef and cabbage so we made rainbows.  Both Tucker and Penelope enjoyed separating the colors and glueing them on.  It took about 30 min. which is about the max they can spend on a craft.  And I think they are both proud of their rainbows.    Penelope didn't understand the holiday at all and Tucker was a little confused at first.  I told him that he should put green on or he was going to get pinched.  He got really scared of being pinched.  Then I told him it was just for fun and the pinches would be soft and he lightened up a little bit.  Then Bob told him he needed to take his shirt off and turn it around (it was backwards and his only green item)  when he took it off Bob said he was going to pinch him because he wasn't wearing green and this triggered a small melt down.  
After the kids went to bed Bob I planned a little at home date for the two of us.  It was really fun, something I think we need to do more often.  We usually just talk and want tv, I know, kinda lame.  But for our date we started out by playing root beer pong.  We changed the beer pong drinking game to root beer pong because we don't drink.  It was my first drinking game and aside from being sick of root beer it was fun.  Bob won, like usual.  And we learned that I am not good a chugging anything.

For the next activity we wrote limericks about each other.  At one point I was laughing so hard I couldn't even read mine.

Heres my favorite one Bob wrote:

I meet a young girl at the dorms
Her window was not out of norms
She played the guitar
Though not a rock star
her hair was bleach white just like storms

And the best ones I wrote:

A little blonde boy from the natti
he met a nice girl named Patti
Doranda was better
she had a nice sweater
And now he is very happy!

A man whose in love with guitar
Where one goes the other's not far
It will need restrung
 The songs are not done
 And now Bob sleeps in the car


Gayle Daly said...

Very cute little craft idea. You and Bob know how to have fun together. Good for you for keeping things fresh and fun and not being afraid of doing something out of the norm.

DerrK said...

That is a great craft! I didn't tell my kids it was St patty's day. One because I forgot myself until the late afternoon and two, dave is a fuddy duddy and ruins cute fun days like this.