Monday, May 21, 2012

Favorite Song

Do you want to hear my new favorite song?  Just watch the video below.  Bob was great for mother's day this year (and every year).  He made chocolate cinnamon rolls for breakfast for me before we headed out to church.  He also got me some sewing stuff and helped Tucker and Penelope record a song for me.  I love it!  It was so sweet!  I have been listening to it all the time and the kids almost love to listen to it more than I do.  Penelope always tells everyone 'pelpee said that.'  I think that homemade presents are the best. They are so much more personal.  So if anyone needs an idea for the perfect mothers day present for next year, just record your kids singing a song.  Any mother would love it!

The only way I know how to upload a song is to put it into video form.  So I made a quick video and put some random pictures of me and the kids from the past year in it.  I was surprised at how few pictures I had of me and the kids together.  I should work on that.  The first half of the song is a little hard to understand so I wrote the words on the video.

I was joking that they put mothers day first so that I can get Bob and equally great (or not great) present for Father's day.  If he goes all out, than I should too.  If he forgets than I am not going to get him anything.  I think this song is pretty awesome so I better come up with something.


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Oh my goodness....That was thee cutest and clevereast thing ever! Way to go Bob and kids!