Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeding the Horses

Remember when I went on that Mother's Day walk?  Well one of our favorite places to walk is down the road to see the neighbor's horses.  We don't actually know the neighbors.  I want to go talk to them but they live on this beautiful ranch with a pond and it about a quarter mile walk down their driveway.  It is kinda intimidating.  Anyway, other neighbors have told us that they don't mind if we feed the horses apples, carrots, or grass.  So that is what we do.  Every time I get a little nervous that they are going to drive by and ask what we are doing feeding their horses.  Maybe next time I will get up the courage to walk the driveway and knock on the stranger's door.

So I couldn't help laughing because Tucker just surprised me. See, there are no sidewalks and the street is pretty empty.  We taught Tucker and Penelope to walk on the edge and to stop walking and make sure they are on the edge when a car comes.  The kids were half a block a head of us like usual so when a car came Bob and I yelled for them to watch out for the car.  The kids both stopped walking and this is what Tucker did.

His hand got about 2 feet away from the car, and Bob was kinda mad about it.  I just started laughing and laughing, I had to turn around so he couldn't see me.  I was just so shocked and he looked really cute I couldn't help it.  After I stopped laughing and we caught up to him we had a talk about why reaching toward a driving car is not ok.
Sometimes the horses will take the grass from us.  Sometimes not, I guess it depends on their mood.
I know one of the horses is named Scooter Boy, I think one is Joe and I have no idea the other.  I also don't know which name belongs to which horse.
Penelope loves to see the horses but she is very scared of touching or feeding them.  That is fine, we don't push her.
I just bought a bag of carrots to feed the horses so we will be back soon!

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DerrK said...

That's so cool! If you want, I will come with you, as well as my 2 kids,to walk to the strangers house and talk about feeding the horses.