Thursday, June 7, 2012

Balboa Park

oh man where to start?  We have done so much already.  I guess I will start with the bad, it seems like things come in threes.  1st we broke the portable dvd player, 2nd bob went snorkeling with his cell phone in pocket and broke it, 3rd i woke up the other morning and the computer wouldn't turn on.  It is broken too.  I guess I will be limited to the small laptop for the rest of the trip.  It is disappointing because I already had a bunch of pictures organized and ready to go up.  You will have to wait until I get the computer working to see what our condo looks like.  Just picture a 2 bedroom condo on the 14th floor with floor to ceiling windows and an balcony that overlooks the bay and the San Diego skyline.  It is beautiful.
I will go with the most recent and work my way backward.  Balboa park was not what I expected.  It was beautiful and the architecture was amazing, I just pictured it to be more of a park instead of a collection of museums that cost $$$.  Yes, there was a little playground but I can go to a playground anywhere so I wasn't really interested in that.  The museums weren't really what wanted to do so we just walked around and took pictures.  It has some great picture spots.

 This little pond was beautiful!
The top right is a Japanese friendship garden.

We got there early so we just walked around until the visitors center opened.
After the park we were all hungry so we headed downtown to the Hard Rock Cafe.  I got the famous burger and bob got a pulled pork burger.  They were both good, but I don't think either was better than the local Burger Lounge.  The atmosphere was fun though.
They let us in at 11:15 but they don't actually start serving until 11:30.  The kids were starving and Scarlett was getting pretty hard to handle.  We ate as fast as we could and headed back to the car. Once we got to our place we tried to fix the computer but all we found out was it needed a new hard drive.  Bob and I decided to wait until we get home to worry about that.  It was an interesting day.  

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