Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Disneyland Aftenoon

Ok, back to Disneyland.  Below is a picture of Bob and Tucker on the gaget go coaster.  I felt bad for Penelope on this one because she was only about a half an inch too short and she already got herself into the seat when we had to take her out of it.  She was sad, but I don't think she would have liked it anyway.
Below is a picture of Penelope and Scarlett napping in the stroller.  This is after Penelope's major melt down.  It was hot and I think she was getting tired and hungry.  She would not stop screaming and crying.  We couldn't do anything to calm her down.  We didn't know where to eat lunch but we finally decided on walking out to the Jamba Juice.  It was the right decision.  We got three Power sizes and drank them all.  While we were waiting for the smoothies Penelope just kept shouting "NO!" and then spitting at us.  Im not sure what she was saying no for because we didn't ask her to do anything. I finally convinced her to drink the smoothie (she probably drank 3/4 of it) and then after that she fell asleep in the stroller and was happy again when she woke up.  It was a rough 2 hours in the middle of the day.  The morning and afternoon were great, maybe it had to do with the hot sun and nap time.
Notice our yellow matching shirts?  I wanted it to be easy for everyone to find each other.  It worked! Walmart had virtually the same color t-shirt for everyone except bob. Sorry Bob.  I was kinda worried about the kids getting lost because tucker and penelope do tend to run away from us so I wrote 'WOESTMAN ###-####' on the bottom inside of the hem.  I taught Tucker and Penelope to find an adult, preferable a cast member, and tell them you are lost then show your shirt.  I am glad they didn't have to use it.  I think Tucker was disappointed though, he was really excited about the shirts.
We were lucky to catch a parade as we were walking down the street.  That is were the kids got to see all the Disney Characters.   We waited forever in line to see Minnie Mouse and I decided that we weren't waiting to see anyone else.  The parade was perfect because we got to see everyone and the singing and dancing was fun. This was also one of Penelope's favorite things.  Tucker's favorite part of the parade was watching Peter Pan fight.  Scarlett sat in the stroller and missed the whole thing.
Yay for Disneyland!  I think we got back to the car around 10pm so we were busy busy busy all day trying to fit in as much as we could.  I don't think there was anyway we could have done anymore.  There were a few things rides we thought about skipping but I am glad we did them anyway, who knows when, if ever, we will go back.  I feel like we can check off one major thing from the list of things to do with kids.  It was a good, exciting, fun, crazy busy, stressful day!

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Gayle Daly said...

Hot weather makes me VERY cranky and I'm an adult. I am glad that the girls both got a nap and you could end your Disneyland adventure on a happy note.