Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Heart Braid Tutorial

I love how Penelope's hair is now long enough for me to play with.  I remember when she was a baby and I was just dying for her hair to grow and thicken up so I could put pig tails in it.  It seems like those days are long gone for her and I don't really feel the same about Scarlett's hair.  I am perfectly happy with her hair not being long enough to do much of anything.  Penelope usually doesn't ever want me to do her hair aside from a quick pony tail to get the hair out of her face but on Sunday's I insist.

We finally got the heart braid to work.  It is very easy, I only had a hard time before because she would scream and wiggle around a ton making it very hard to do.

Step By Step Tutorial on How to do a Heart Braid

1) Split the top of the hair in half and clip half of it out of the way.
2) Start a French braid backwards in the corner.
3) Curve your french braid around usually grabbing much more hair on the side closer to her face.
4) Continue the braid and put a rubber band on it.
5) Do the same thing on the other side and use a rubber band to hold them both together.

That's it.  I like to use the cheap tiny rubber bands for Penelope's hair.  I get a 500 pack at the dollar store and it lasts forever.  I never reuse the bands because they stretch out.
I love everything girly.  Don't get me wrong, I am pretty into sports and things like that too.  But, bows, hair, makeup, pink, I love it all!

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Meredith Paulson said...

That heart braid is so cute!! Maybe I can convince my husband to learn how to braid my hair like this ;)