Monday, June 18, 2012

Sea World

While my in laws were in town last week we went to Sea World!  It really helped to have two extra grown ups helping with the kids.
The dolphins were so cute! The were trained to swim around and due tricks for us.  I couldn't help but feel bad for them though.  Bob and I watched this documentary about how they catch the dolphins and about how they look happy all the time but they are really sad.
 Of course we had to fit in a few rides.
There were two rides we waited in line for that we didn't end up doing.  One the closed right when we got to the front because they said it was too windy.  And one they said Tucker wasn't tall enough. It was close and I thought we would make it or we would not have waited 30 minutes in line.  Oh well.
 One thing that made sea world different from the other theme parks was the shows.  I really liked them and we took several videos.  Someday I will go through them and I might post them. maybe.
 The sea lion show was my favorite.  It was a comedy skit and it was pretty funny!
 We waited forever for this ride!
 I think out of everyone on our little raft Tucker got the most wet.  He was completely soaked!
We happened to run into Bert and Ernie.  Penelope was funny because she kept walking towards them and then turning back to me.  She probably did that three times and then finally got the courage up to run up to Bert and give him a quick hug around the knees and run back to me.
To finish the day out we watched an elmo movie in 4D.  What's the fourth dimension you ask?  You can feel the movie.  That is right, the spray water on you and blow air on you.  The kids loved it.  Except for Scarlett who had to be taken out of the theater screaming.

Sea World. Check!


Carrie Teal said...

Looks like a great time, it does help to always have an extra set of hands to help out.

DerrK said...

L just asked if we can do the river ride. I told him you guys were in CA. He gasps, "California?!!!" haha