Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lego Land Take 2

Today is Tucker's birthday!  We celebrated it yesterday because we are busy packing :( I'll blog about all the birthday festivities along with father's day sometime after I get home.  I still have tons of San Diego fun to share!

I think lego land went better the second time around.  Somehow it was less crowded.  We went on a Saturday so I thought it would be packed, but we barely had to wait in lines at all.  And since we already hit a ton of rides we were able to relax a little bit more.
Penelope and Tucker got to drive their own cars.  I think it was a favorite ride.  There was no track so they actually got to steer.  Penelope kept turning hers around and the worker basically followed her helping her steer every 30 seconds or so.

We watched a couple 4D shows and the kids really enjoyed them.  We had some time in between shows so we went and built bionicles.  We also built our own lego cars and raced them.  Penelope and I tied against bob and Tucker because neither of the cars made it down the track. In the above right picture you can see my favorite lego creation.  Well not this one particularly, I just love how they made pictures on the walls out of the legos.  they had really neat hieroglyphic ones as well.
Help, the kids are getting eaten by a shark!
These fries are sooooo good!  They are called apple fries.  They look like fries covered in cinnamon and sugar but they taste like green apples.  And they come with whipped cream.  yyyyuuuuummmm.  We are going to try to make this at home sometime.
We took a break and let the kids play on a tree house type thing for about an hour.  Everyone loved it!  It was a nice break.  Scarlett even thought these tunnels were great.  She would crawl through them and even walk in them.  Did I mention she can walk now?  I will put up a video sometime.  She took her first steps alone before we came to San Diego but just last week she has really started to walk all the time.
We got soaked this time around.  I went on this ride with Tucker that just poured the water on us.  It wasn't hot out so I was hesitant to go on but Tucker really wanted to so I did.  I put my hair back and covered my face with my arm as we went.  It took a couple hours of being slightly cold to dry off.  In the top left picture you can see Bob and Tucker shooting water. This ride was fun because there were squirt guns outside of the ride pointing in.  So Penelope and I stood outside of the fence and sprayed them as they came by.  She loved it.
We watched a fun Egyptian show and the kids got to participate.  They both choose to be snake charmers.  It was cute.  While I was watching them I thought about how great it is that Penelope has a big brother.  Tucker would do it by himself but Penelope really needed someone there to encourage her and to help her know that it is ok.  I love my family.

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