Friday, June 15, 2012

Lego Land

I didn't know too much about lego land until I got there.  Basically it is another huge amusement park but this time with legos everywhere.  It was fun. 
Here we are standing in front of New York City!  I think they said there are 3 million legos in this model city!   That is a ton of legos.  We got to see them building a  little bit.  It is an interesting process.  
Both bob and I got pretty tired of waiting in lines by around noon so we went and just walked around.  The last ride we did was about an hour wait, it wasn't that cool, and it was short.  I don't want to wait in another line again.  We did a switch rider on all the rides.  We would all wait and Bob and Tucker would go on then once it finished I would take Bob's spot and Tucker would get to go again.  It only didn't work out one time.  Bob and Tucker went on the big roller coaster and Tucker did not like it.  He refused to go on it again, so I had to ride by myself.  I felt a little weird.
I was a little surprised by how many star wars things they had.  Then Bob reminded me that  the type of people that are really into legos might also be really into star wars.  That makes sense, no offense to anyone.
I thought the LasVegas replicas were funny.  The one hotel in vegas is already a ny replica.  So now they made a replica of a replica!  Funny!
Penelope and Tucker got to pretend to be nights in the gift shop.  Hope no one minded our kids sword fighting and then me putting it all back and buying none of it.  $10 foam sword?  You have got to be kidding me, I know they sell those at the dollar store!
Ok, now this is just me being cynical but they charge so much money for these places and then they find ways to charge you on top of that.  The aquarium and other things are extra.  Parking was $12, plus you are practically forced to eat in the park since there are no other options.  Good thing Bob is getting a daily perdium.

We'll be back Lego land (two day passes)!