Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Day in the Life on San Deigo

Wake up to the sun streaming in the room 5:45 am.  Alarm goes off 6 am.  Go jogging on the beach 6:20 am. Get back and Bob goes surfing 7:30.  Get ready for days activity, (zoo, more surfing, snorkeling, old town...) Finish activity, eat lunch around town 12:00.  Walk home 1:30.  Bob goes to work/everyone else naps 1:40.  Get everyone up and start reading lesson with Tucker 4:30.  hurry and make lunch leftovers for dinner 6 pm.  Turn on a show (we have about a million channels) for the kids and clean the condo 6:30.  Kids in bed 7:30.  Blog 7:45.  Read on the balcony 8:30.  Fall asleep to a show in bed 10 pm.  Bob gets home midnight.

Today's activity was building a giant sand castle and geocaching.  I think it is fun to find a geocache whenever we travel somewhere.  Luckily for us we were able to get one right on the beach.

After our sand castle we had to go back up to the condo to change.  Everyone got much more wet than we anticipated.  We then walked down to the main street for lunch.  It was this little Mexican place and probably my least favorite so far.  Everywhere else we have eaten has been amazing.  We had some time before bob had to go to work so we walked in the shops and found a picture frame and two t-shirts.  Along with geocaching I want to get a picture frame everywhere we go on vacation.  The frame is usually pretty decorative and says the destination.  One day I want to have a huge banister with all our colorful frames lined up on it.

The sand castle was fun.  I have never built a big one like this before and it wasn't too hard.  If we didn't have the kids I could see Bob and I sitting and working on it for hours, making everything perfect.  This took us about an hour to two hours to build.  And it is not perfect!

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DerrK said...

I need a nap just reading your schedule. LOL fun times