Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The safari park was pretty fun!  It was very similar to the Northwest Trek.  At least what I remember of it, I haven't been there for years.
Like our wild animal faces?  We got ready for to go as fast as we could so we could be there when it opened at 9am.  The safari is the 45 minutes away, much farther than everything else which is around 20.
The main attraction for us was the tram.  They had all kinds of other fun things, like zip line, segways, running with the cheetahs and stuff like that.  But most of those were an additional $70 per person so we stuck with the tram.
I read online that the morning was the best time to see the animals in action and the internet served me well.  We got on the first tram and the conductor kept saying how the first tram is the best and I think three or four times she said something like, 'wow, i have never seen the animals do that! you better take a picture!'
 Tucker's favorite was once again the cheetah.  We got to see him up walking around which was nice.
The kids brought along their binoculars.  They were cute.  Although they were a major source of contention since we only had one pair.
Scarlett was a maniac on the tram.  She always has to climb over everyone and everything.  So back and forth down the row she went.  Making sure to lean over the edge and suck on everything in sight.  If something got in her way, a nice loud high pitch scream seemed to be her solution.
I though these guys were interesting.  The black stripes are so when you look at them in the distance it breaks up the body shape and you can't really tell they are an animal.
 We saw a few rhinos!
I always love the baby animals.  We got to watch the baby giraffe first eat from the mom and then they both walked over to the water to get drinks.  It was cute because the baby just followed everything the mom did. It was also kinda funny because the mom giraffe has to spread its front legs out to bend low enough to drink the water.  I had never seen one do that before.

After the tram we walked around a little bit and saw more animals.  They even had a little herb garden we looked at.
 And a kids section that was fun!
 Here Tucker was doing a puppet show for us.
 And on our way out we saw this owl.  Did you know an owl can see about 10-12 times better than us during the day?  And about 100 times better at night.  Cool.

We had another fun day!  After the safari we headed over to bob's new favorite sandwich place which witch.  You grab a bag and mark on it what you want.  Then you give it to them and pay and they bring the bag back with your sandwich in it. yum.


DerrK said...

We love the tram rides at NW trek, but the animals you got a picture of might be way cooler! Also, I have a question... who do you get to take a picture of all 5 of you?

Doranda said...

About half the time we just ask a random stranger. Sometimes they have photographers set up to take family pictures. They try to sell you the pictures, I just ask them to take one with my camera and they never mind.