Saturday, June 23, 2012

Mexico/Concerts in the Park

One thing I didn't realize before we came down here was that San Diego is right above Mexico!  Like really close.  Our ward meets in Imperial Beach which is the most southerly city in this part of the US.  So after church on Sunday we drove the 5 minutes down to the boarder.  

There is a giant fence and Bob was worried that we were going to get in trouble.  I joked around that we were guarding the boarder.  Have you heard of that website with a live video feed of the boarder? It is there so you can watch and make sure no one tries to cross.  I think it's kinds silly, but some people take it very seriously.
 We did see a patrol car.

At couple in the ward told us about the concerts in the park that they do every Sunday night.  We have gone two times and enjoyed it both times.  These pictures are from the first time.  I couldn't get the ones off the camera from last night. Sorry.
It is funny because everyone is so fancy here.  When we got to the park we saw that everyone bought little tables, and fancy little finger foods along with their wine.  When we went last night we brought chicken nuggets and decided to upscale it a little bit with sparkling cider.
The Navy band played last night and it was pretty fun. The kids danced around and Bob and I just tried ot relax and enjoy.

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