Saturday, June 9, 2012

San Diego Zoo

Ok, so I am a little behind on posting because yesterday we made our second trip to the zoo.  These are pictures from our first trip.
It cost $42 to go to the zoo per person, to me that seemed a little high, for $20 more we were able to get a year long membership for the whole family.  A much better deal.
This is a huge zoo!  We decided to section the zoo off and only do about half of it.  it worked out nicely.  We got there right when it opened and then left at lunch time when it started to get crowded. As you can see in our pics we started out in sweaters but quickly took them off once the sun came out.
The monkeys/apes/chips/I am not sure exactly which is which were pretty cool.
They had a fun petting zoo area that the kids really liked.  Tucker especially wanted to feed all of the goats.
The kids seemed interested in the fact that flamingos sleep standing on one leg.
Our membership also got us free gondola rides.  It was fun for everyone except Penelope and Scarlett.  Penelope said it was just a little bit scary and she wanted to hold hands the whole time.  There was a max of 4 people per ride so we had to split up.  The only bad thing was we couldn't bring our stroller so we just rode it and then rode it back to get the stroller.

It was a nice trip to the zoo.

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