Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The View

So the view from our condo was amazing!  I took this picture one morning when I woke up.
I almost felt a little uncomfortable in the elevator and lobby areas of the condo.  It was pretty fancy.  There was a front desk/door person that always opened the door for me and I really didn't know what to say to them.  I always just said hi and thanks but it is a little awkward.  Sometimes I tried to go out/in the lobby door really fast so they didn't have time to open it, but they just got up even faster to open the door for me.
 Above and below are pictures taken from my kitchen window!
There are several units for sale in the building and most of them range from the one million dolllar to two million dollar range.  With the highest price one selling for 2.9 million!  Isn't that crazy.  We could never afford to live here.  When we see other people in the elevator I just wonder what they think/if anything about us.  We don't exactly fit in.  Most of the other people look rich and over 50.
We had a garage parking key, and elevator key, a pool/gym key, and a door key.  It is kinda nice knowing someone would have to go through several gates/doors to rob us.
We first got to Coronado around midnight.  It was crazy because they couldn't find our name on the list so Bob just showed them the lease agreement and they gave us the keys and let us in.  We went strait to bed.  The next morning we unpacked and went grocery shopping.  while we were unloading groceries we got a call on the condo phone.  Bob answered it and they said we moved into the wrong condo!  Opps!  The rental agency switched our condo earlier in the week but we never go the message.  We had to quickly switch buildings.  And I mean quick because bob had to leave for work in about an hour.  It was hectic.  The building/room we are in now is way nicer so I am happy with the way it turned out.  Although for the next few days i kept getting sales calls on our condo phone and I got nervous every time I went to answer it.  I finally just unplugged it.

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