Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach Reminiscing

As you know I am no longer in San Diego.  I really miss it!  It was warm and new and we were busy.  Yesterday we had really nice weather but other than that the weather has been pretty lame since I got home.  It is hard to adjust to no longer being on vacation.  I love going to Japan and I loved going to San Diego so now I have to figure out if what I love is something new and different or if I love everywhere but here.  I mean who says we have to live here?  I am sure Bob could get a job somewhere else if that is what we wanted.  He doesn't though, he is in a great place at work right now and he loves it.  So for now I will look at pictures and only hope that in a few years we will get sent to Hawaii!
I had to let the waves crash on my feet to get these top pictures.
Tucker wanted to be buried but he wouldn't open his eyes once we started getting the sand around his head.  As you can see the sand is no where near his eyes but he wouldn't listen to us and didn't open them until his head was out of the sand.

These next pictures I took in front of our condo.  Not that the beach isn't in front of our condo, it is more across the parking lot.

The palm trees were everywhere!  I think they are the weirdest trees.  Just a tall trunk with one bunch of green at the top?  Kinda hard to get used to seeing them line the streets.

Our building was also called La Playa.  I'm sure it means something but Bob always joked around that it was slang for the players.

Good Bye San Diego!  We are saving our zoo passes just in case!

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Michael and Denise said...

Sorry you're feeling the letdown of not being on TDY anymore. It doesn't help that the weather is in Washington isn't cooperating. I know I'm not excited to have all of the responsibilities at home again (house cleaning, primary lesson to prepare, etc.) It's really nice to have the extra time to sight see.

When we do get back though, I want to try to have an activity day once a week where we go somewhere (the zoo, aquarium, children's museum, Pacific Science Center). We'll see how well I stick to that goal.

Oh, and "la playa" means "the beach" in Spanish.