Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

We really are blessed to live in such a great country!  I am also happy that Bob had the day off work!  In the afternoon we went to a friends house for a BBQ.  
They had homemade ice cream, fireworks, and s'mores.  It was really fun.  And the kids had a blast.  Tucker was talking about how he wanted to stay with them.
The house was kinda by itself in the middle of nowhere and I think that is the sort of house Bob wants.  I think it has it has it's benefits but I am not quite ready to move away from neighborhoods, work, and stores.
Penelope wasn't so sure about the sparkler at first. Actually both kids stretched their arms out as far as possible to keep the fire away from them.  Tucker was a bit crazier with his though.
I thought going to a big firework show would be fun.  I really wanted to take pictures of fireworks.  But we were tired and it just never seems worth it to keep the kids out so late.  So we went home and put the kids in bed.  I probably would have been sleeping in an instant if it wasn't so loud by our house.  So instead Bob and I climbed up onto our roof and watched random neighbors shoot off fireworks into the sky.
Here you can see our view was partially obstructed with trees.  I'm not complaining though, I love the trees in our neighborhood.

For now I am happy staying home watching fireworks from out house.  I figure we will have plenty of years when the kids are a little bit older to stay out late and see big shows.

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