Thursday, August 23, 2012

Kindergarten Lunches

So Tucker starts school in less than two weeks and I just realized we are going to need to start making lunches he can bring with him everyday.  We already struggle with deciding dinner ideas everyday I can see coming up with lunches being a problem.  Now we usually make a quick sandwich or cheese roll up and eat some fruit with it.  But I want his school lunches to be good.  I remember it being kind of a big deal when I was a kid.  Certain people always had better food then the rest of us.  I want to figure out healthy things as well.  A bag of chips here and there is ok, but I don't want that sort of thing to become a staple.  Any ideas for us?  What do/did you do for your kids lunches?  And don't forget about drinks.

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kat and Cam Udy said...

I'm packing my lunches next year, I bought a thermal lunch box and a couple things I'm planning on making often are pasta salad, sandwiches, and milkshake/smoothies. I've made the frozen drinks already, I poured them into an ice cube tray and froze them again, I'm planning on putting a few cubes into a plastic container when i pack my lunch in the morning. Hopefully they'll be melted to the perfect consistency by lunch time and they'll keep everything else in the lunch box cold.

Anna said...

check out this website....!i=998960659&k=xSuiV

KRad said...

Keep in mind lunch time is short - they don't have tons of time. With my kids' allergies I have to always makes lunches so go with what they like. So what if it's a simple sandwich, if they eat it's better than sending something creative they won't eat & then are distracted by hunger the rest of the day in class. That said - spend the $ to pick up a thermos container or two (WalMart & Target usually have some fun ones) which allows you to send "hot" lunches - I've got lots of tricks for those. But in the end don't stress it - someone will always have something he'll think is better & there will be just as many who would rather have his lunch. You are his mom, you know him best.

bridechilla said...

I liked her stuff

or google muffin tine meals for fun ideas


DerrK said...

I like Katherine's idea! But I am also with KRad on making sure it's something he'll eat. I got the applesauce pouches and fruit cups (he knows how to open them) and I don't think a snack size bag of chips is terrible so I am the mom that is sending chips probably every day. HAHA I'll probably get a thermos for his drink, but to start I get the 100% juice boxes or flavored water Capri Suns on sale and I'll send those for now. He doesn't get them at home so it's like a treat. I just change up the sandwich every day.