Thursday, August 16, 2012


Tuesday was Tucker's first soccer practice.  He was a little bit nervous but once they started we could tell that he really liked it.  We signed up about a month ago so it seemed like he has been waiting forever to get started.  I do think that Tucker was more excited during his first swimming lesson then during this practice but we will see if his excitement grows.
There are six boys on his team.  I thought there would be more, but I'm not complaining.  His coach seems great and the coaches son, who looks about 15, is the assistant coach.  It was fun to watch them because they are so small.  One kid kept asking if he could go play on the playground and they had several bathroom breaks in the one hour practice.
Tucker said his favorite part was when he was the shark.  All the boys had a ball except for the shark.  Then the shark ran around and tried to kick everyone elses ball out of bounds.  This was kind of funny to watch because 75% of the boys kicked their own ball out of bounds and the shark barely had to help.

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Michael and Denise said...

I love little kids' soccer. I can't wait until next year when the girls can play. I'm glad you like the coach, since coaches can definitely be a determining factor of how much fun the kids have. Enjoy the busy life of a soccer mom!