Sunday, August 26, 2012

Watch What I'm Wearing

I felt like this outfit needed some accessories but I had no idea what to pair it with.  I actually just need to buy more accessories.  So I am asking for help.  What would you wear with this?  What is your go to accessory?  Do you have a favorite necklace or belt you can't live without?
Shirt:  Can't remember (Utah somewhere)  Skirt: Made it;  Shoes; f21 $22

The most clicked on link last week was...
Corporate Casual by My Darling Days.


LeeAnne, Style N Season said...

Oh I love accessories! I can't tell my favorite of all time, but my current fave is a Hello Kitty rhinestone necklace given to me by my husband. It's on my newest post, if you're interested to see it. A little bit little girlie, some might say, but love it still!

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Natasha Fatah said...

You look like an absolute goddess in that first picture. Seriously, your skin is flawless.

~Natasha Fatah~

Wendy Sice said...

I think you were right not to add accessories - the buttons are the accessories! Love how you layered the tops. You look radiant, so I'm hoping things are on the up! :)

Katie @ My Darling Days said...

Accessories can really spice up an outfit. I would have paired that outfit with a simple gold chain necklace and a bangle on your wrist. Or maybe tuck that top in and find a chunky belt to put around your waist. Either way, I still like the outfit... and these photos are great!

Meredith Paulson said...

I don't know what I would do without pearls and colorful skinny belts :) Thanks for hosting the link up!

Jenny said...

I am the same way with accessories...I never know what to wear with anything! I love jewelry, but I also need help figuring out what goes with what! Thanks for hosting the party :)
Modern Modest Beauty

Adin B said...

I am so not sure about what to do because the top already has things going on and if you wear a necklace, then it would probably take the attention away from your top. I don't know. hahahaha... You just look beautiful though. One beautiful mama! :) Mine is up!

Val Verde said...

just found your blog and so happy to be here plus I linked up! I wouldn't do a necklace with this look cause there is so much detail there I would say bigger earrings and a few bracelets.


Megan, said...

very cute
Xo Megan

Sarah the Stylist said...

This purple top is so cute on you! Since it's more embellished at the top, I would skip a necklace and go for longer earrings instead. You might want to try some stacked gold bangles as well as an alternative.

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Nikki said...

Just discovered your blog so I'm joining in! :) I LOVE accessories - maybe some long layered vintage necklaces would work well. Especially in gold with the colors from your outfit. Thanks for a lovely link up!
Nikki at