Thursday, August 30, 2012


Yesterday Tucker and I finished the last book on our list of 100 books to read!  Our library has little pamphlets around with a list of 100 books to read to your child before they start Kindergarten.  We did cut it kind of close but we finished!  I can't say all of the books were my favorite but I think we ended up reading better books then we get when I let the kids randomly grab them off the shelf.  It was pretty nice because I would put 4 or 5 books on hold then go pick them up every week.  That way I wasn't trying to look through the shelves and at the same time trying to stop Scarlett from pulling down every book she can get her hands on.  Thank you librarians who do story time, and who get the books ready for us every week!  We appreciate it!

All three kids also finished their summer reading.  Penelope and Scarlett got read to for over 10 hours and Tucker did over 20.  They got fair tickets and to pick out a free book to keep.  It was funny because everyone was picking out their free books.  I normally like to check them out and make sure they get a good one but I couldn't really do that because I was chasing Scarlett down.  Penelope got what I thought was a regular Dora book and we went home.  Nap time rolled around and Penelope got out the Dora book for me to read and surprise, it is completely in Spanish!  Neither Bob nor I know any spanish.  So we just turn the pages and make up what it is about.  The funny thing is that they know I am making it up but they think Bob can really read spanish and that what he says is the real story.  I guess he was more convincing than me.


Anna said...

way to go on reading all the books... what list did you use??

Doranda said...

Just a list at our library, I think it was custom to the books they have because I couldn't find the same list online. But there are tons online, here is a similar one