Wednesday, August 29, 2012

County Fair

Last Friday we went to the county fair.  I am not going to lie it was pretty difficult for me.  I was having tons of anxiety about going.  I think the main issue was that we walked there and I was scared that I would get sick at the fair and not be able to walk home.   It sounds kind of silly now but it is how I felt.  We even parked at a friends house who lives just a little bit closer than we do to ease my mind.  Those of you who know where we live will realize how silly that is.  So aside from my anxiety issues things went fine.
We mostly just go for the animals and because it was something to do.  I grew up in Puyallup and they have one of the biggest fairs in the country so this one seems very small to me.  The kids loved the animals!
Tucker was a little upset that we didn't let me do any rides but he got over it.
We even got some way over priced fair food.  Jalepeno poppers, which were delicious, and some nasty fries that were literally floating in butter.  Oh and of course and elephant ear.  I think elephant ears and cotton candy are two of my favorite things to eat.

Now I need to decide what to do about the Puyallup fair.  I was totally planning on going when I realized that Tucker will be in school this year.  Before Bob would take the free day off work and we would head down.  Now we might go on a Saturday, skip it, or take Tucker out of school.  Is that bad? Would you take your child out of school for the fair? This will be my first year deciding when it is and isn't to take my child out of school.


Gayle Daly said...

Absolutely take Tucker out of school and go to the fair. He is only in Kindergarten. 9th grade through 12th grade is when you no longer want to take kids out of school for family outings. Go and enjoy the day with your family.

DerrK said...

You are from Puyallup. They get a fair day there, right? Just going back to your roots. Take Tucker out of school. LOL Depending on Dave's schedule we might end up doing the same thing. I already feel bad because I have to get L outta school just to go to Seattle Children's for a check up on his elbow the first week of school.