Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3rd Birthday Party

For Penelope's 3rd birthday we went to Chuck-e-cheese.  She has been asking to go almost everyday for about a year now so we promised we would go on her birthday.
She loved it, and so did Tucker.  The funny thing was she was happy just sitting on the rides and pushing buttons without putting the coins in.   I was surprised how long it took us to get through the coins we had.
With the tickets they got a  pick up sticks game, small dinosaur, plastic rings, and what we figure equates to the most expensive smarties we ever bought.  I had a headache and was glad to be over with it.  I think that is normal for Chuck-e-cheese.
After naps we did presents and cake and ice cream.  Family came over and I think that made it more exciting for Penelope.
Like the rose cake?  All Penelope requested was pink cake and pink ice cream.  It made things pretty easy on my end.
Happy Birthday Penelope!


Colville Clan of TN said...
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Colville Clan of TN said...

Love that cake! Looks like she had a great day, birthdays are so magical at that age. :-)

Mary-Anne said...

Way cute cake!! Happy Birthday Penelope!