Thursday, September 27, 2012

Penelope Photography

Penelope has definitely shown her personality in the past year.  She has gone from following Tucker around to making sure everyone knows what she wants.  She's developed a bit of an attitude around the  house.  If I tell her to do something she doesn't like she will clearly shout, 'No I won't.'  It is kind of cute because she is so adamant about it but in the end it doesn't really matter.

Penelope loves:
her blanket
her brother
her sister
her stroller
(she is a bit possessive at this age)

One of the reasons we love Penelope is because she has great facial expressions.  She gets so animated when she talks it is adorable.  You would be surprised how high her eyebrows lift when she gets surprised.  She has also become quite chatty and is always asking questions.  A lot of the time the question won't make sense like "What is that dog?" me: "a dog."  P: "why?" and she always points at people and asks us what their name is.  I tell her to ask them but she never does.
Penelope is super smart, has grown out of the stranger anxiety, has became pretty active, and still is not interested in the tv.  She likes to play with Tucker and Scarlett, dance, and often we will hear her singing to herself.  She is shy and won't sing if you ask her to.  Sometimes she won't even answer questions if she know everyone is watching.  But we love it because she gets a big smile on her face when she realizes we are all looking at her.
 She makes a lot of faces and it was pretty difficult to get her to do a natural smile for these pictures.
Penelope is growing up so fast and we are so happy she is in our family!


Gayle Daly said...

I think she must have done all this growing into a little girl when I blinked. She is so adorable and I'm happy for you and the joy you identify and highlight in your life!

Sara said...

Oh my goodness, your little girl is adorable!!!!!