Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Transition

It was beautiful at our house yesterday.  70 and sunny.  But regardless of the warm weather yesterday it has been chilly and we are in full fall mode at my house.  I am talking, the homemade bread, hot chocolate, and wearing socks around the house.  I even turned the heat on a few weeks ago. I love the changing seasons.  It is just fun to do things a little bit differently.  Like, now that it is cold outside, I can walk Tucker to school without actually getting dressed.  I can just put a long coat on over my pjs and no one really notices. We canned peaches on sunday which seems like a fall sort of activity.  And now I am thinking about decorating.  Do you decorate for Autumn?  We do Christmas but I kinda want to spruce the house up a bit now.  Maybe I should just get out the Halloween decorations.  Oooo and speaking of Halloween it is time for me to start making our costumes.  I have it all planned out and they are going to be great!  So are  you getting into the season yet?


Talitha said...

Yes I have started decorating, at work! I have lit some pumkin flavored candles though!

Sandy a la Mode said...

love your look with the mustard tights!! soo great for fall!

Sandy a la Mode