Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Andrew's Birthday

We had a pretty busy weekend.  Actually, it seems like we are pretty busy all the time and this weekend was no exception.  I guess that just means more blog posts right?  Anyway, we started Saturday morning with another soccer game.  Tucker did a good job.  He is still not the most aggressive but he was trying hard and we are proud of him.  Then we rushed over for the primary program practice, more on that later, and home for lunch.  We did a few errands and headed over to my nephew Andrew's birthday party.  
It was baseball themed and everything was pretty decked out, they even rented a pavilion and a ball field.  This was probably one of the most intense kid birthday parties I have ever been to.  I was a little worried that it would overshadow Penelope's much smaller birthday party (seriously, bob thought I was overdoing it because I wanted to put up streamers lol), but Penelope didn't seem to mind at all.
Above is the birthday boy, Andrew, and his sister Mallory.  Below are obviously my kids.  The table centerpieces, were baseballs, and popcorn holders with baseball snacks in them.  Things like, peanuts, pretzels  sunflower seats, and twizzlers.
I forgot how much I love that park.  It has a beautiful lake/pond and a half mile trail that goes around it.  Plus the weather was perfect. The only bad thing about the park is that it is very popular and there isn't very much parking.  Bob took some pictures of the kids playing baseball.
Tucker loved it and was very excited.  I basically had to force penelope to hit the ball one time.  Then I held her hand and ran around the bases with her.  She didn't like it and did not want to do it again.  We didn't make her.  Although I did maker her hit the piñata one time even though she did not want to do that either.  Am I mean for making her do these things?  I just don't want her to miss out.
Tucker was funny, after he hit we realized that we did not tell him what to do.  He started running but didn't know where to go.  Here is is totally missing first base.
And another picture of him missing third base.  It was hilarious!  I had to go out and show him where home was.  The second time he was up to bat he did much better.
I am glad that we have family that live near us and that we could go to Andrew's birthday party.  I wish we lived by even more family.  It does keep us busy, but I would rather be busy then bored ... I think.

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Bob said...

So, to clarify, Doranda wanted me to put up the streamers because it is easier for me to reach the ceiling. And just so I don't sound like a horrible dad, we taught Tucker how to play baseball last summer. This year we focused on Soccer, so I think he forgot everything about baseball. At least he was running towards first base and not third. That would have been embarrassing. I will fix that though.