Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crazy House

It seems like afternoons at our house are getting more and more difficult.  I am not blaming school, but ever since Tucker started things have been getting worse at home.  During the day is nice and calm, but once the boys get home everyone seems really contentious.  Tucker always seems to be either bouncing off the walls or whining.  Maybe this is just part of him getting older but I need to do something to get our house to be a happy place.  Any suggestions?

I think I am going to start by trying to cut out a few things.  So instead of us all going grocery shopping, then rushing to make dinner, clean up, and get ready for school the next day.  I will go shopping during the day, or alone in the afternoon, and maybe we can relax a little bit more at night.  Maybe I will try to play the Mormon Tabernacle Choir in the house.    Maybe we just need a bigger house so everyone can have a little more room to spread out.

Has anyone been through this or am I the only one?  We talked about having less contention and being peacemakers in my primary class on Sunday and I really need to apply it to my life.

p.s. Every time I post something less positive on my blog people get concerned   Don't worry, we are fine.  You are probably reading it in a much more negative tone then is meant.


Jacquelyn said...

All day at school is very hard for a 5 year old at first. He needs some quiet down time and some time for you to listen to his day. I don't know how or when you could possible fit it in.

Michael and Denise said...

3-4pm in the afternoon is the worst time of day for us too, even without anyone in school.

This is total projecting, but is Tucker hungry when he gets home from school? I know my mom says that we were always grumpy until we had an after-school snack, and my brother-in-law would be super cranky right before dinner, until my mother-in-law stopped talking to him until he ate a PB&J. He wouldn't recognize or say that he was hungry, but he was starving. (As I am typing this, I'm forcing Laura to eat a cheese-stick in hopes that she'll stop screaming.)

DerrK said...

You are definitely not alone. Some days are good, others are rough. A snack does help L's mood a bit when he comes home, but also some down time without having to be in the car or run errands. Good Luck! However, I have to say we are doing better since school first started. Man those first couple weeks were rough! I wanted to be admitted to the looney bin. haha