Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pumpkin Thief

Someone stole my pumpkin!  It must have been saturday night or sometime during the day on Sunday.  I kept it out on my porch right next to Tucker's pumpkin and some Halloween decorations and noticed Sunday afternoon it was gone :(  It was the cool white ghost pumpkin I got at the pumpkin patch with Tucker.  I've never had a white pumpkin so I was excited to carve it.  I am glad they left Tucker's pumpkin alone, he would have been more devastated then he already was.  But his is a normal pumpkin and it isn't really big enough to carve.  He wanted to walk around the neighborhood and look for the pumpkin.  I guess we are just going to buy a new one to carve, but I am not going back to the pumpkin patch so it will have to be a boring orange one.
I might even be more mad that someone would steal it then the fact that it is actually gone.  You can tell by our double stroller parked outside and decorations that we have young kids, but apparently that doesn't matter to someone who steals pumpkins.  Couldn't they at least wait until after halloween and smash them in the road like other teenagers do?  This must be someone who thought my specific pumpkin was cool and took it.  It is creepy to know that someone was up on our porch.  Too bad we didn't have our camera set up to record or we would have it on video.  Have you ever had your pumpkin stolen?

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Jhona O. said...

I'm sorry about your pumpkin being stolen and most sorry for the invasion of your space. That would leave me unsettled as well. I'm glad they left your son's pumpkin!

Sarah said...

Oh man that stinks! Danny wants to put up video surveillance at our house too and wants to be able to control it with our phones. I'm not sure why... but I think it's just because he would have fun setting it all up.

Mary-Anne said...

Some people are SO rude! I'm sorry. Once when I was little we had grown a really, really, really big pumpkin that we grew in our garden and I was SO excited about it. We put it on our porch and someone stole it. I think I even cried I was so sad about it. I was probably about 8 or 9 years old. I can't believe some people just think they are entitled to take things that don't belong to them!

KRad said...

Check for parts of your pumpkin - it's not rare for a local raccoon (or other animal) to make a meal out of pumpkins - it's happened to us. :(

bianca f said...

whaaat who steals a pumpkin???
the white ones are so nice


Swift family said...

Our pumpkins were stolen last year too--maybe it was the same culprit! We posted about it here: http://swifthousehold.blogspot.com/2011/11/what-to-do-with-leftover-pumpkins.html