Thursday, November 8, 2012

First Sick Day and Cinderella

On Monday while I was getting my ultrasound Tucker threw up in his classroom!  I got a call from the school and went straight over there to pick him up.  I was shocked because he seemed fine in the morning and he is not really the throwing up type.  But when we got home I took his temp and sure enough he had a fever of 102.  Poor guy.  He tried to sleep but kept waking up all day crying for me saying his 'stommy' hurt.  It was sad. But by that night he was doing better.  

The next day was his field trip.  I think that sort of thing always happens.  But since his fever was gone the night before and he hadn't thrown up in over 24 hrs I decided to take him to the field trip.  He didn't go to school, we just drove over and met the class there then went home once it was done.   It was the play Cinderella.  He liked it and he really wanted to go, but he was so tired and still recovering so I don't think he would have enjoyed it as much as he normally would have.  I am not a big fan of all the disney princess movies and so Tucker doesn't know the story at all.  I think if he watched the movie before hand he would have liked it more.
Aside from the play I made Tucker rest the whole day.  I actually had to turn on the tv quite a bit just to keep him from running around.  He ate fine, and didn't have a fever but was tired and I didn't want to take any chances.  Wednesday he seemed back to normal and so far no one else in our family is sick!  I am really hoping it stays that way.

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Gayle Daly said...

Staying home sick from school is totally a watch tv all day thing!
Many pleasant memories of my sick days at home lounging in front of the tv.