Monday, November 12, 2012

Last Soccer Game

Happy Veterans Day!  Bob is enjoying the day off work and we are very thankful for everyone who has served to protect our freedom!

Tucker had his last soccer game on Saturday and the weather couldn't have been better.  It was cold, but nice and sunny.  I brought my hot chocolate and a blanket and it was perfect.  Tucker did pretty well too.  He seemed a bit more aggressive, although still far from the most aggressive on the team, and he did a great job.  The game was very close.  Defiantly the closest one of the season with the final score of 2 to 2.  Although they don't officially keep score I think the Sharks won the majority of their games.
I am a little sad soccer is ending.  I really enjoyed going with the family to the games and practices.  It will be really nice to have our Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings back.  But I never got to see Tucker score a goal :(.  Out of the whole ten game season I missed one game.  That is it, one game.  Go figures it is the only game he scored in and he scored three times in the same game!  Bob missed two games and one it poured for and the other was just like the rest.
 After the game the team gets treats.  I am pretty sure this is Tucker's favorite part of soccer.  He is usually pretty good about sharing with his sisters but this last time he didn't want to.  We had a talk about how they were at every single game and practice to support and watch him so he better share.
Check out our new double folding chair.  I love it!  One person Bob can carry it easier than he can carry two and we get to sit closer to each other and even share a blanket.  It is the best.  Tucker was a little tired during quarter time.
It was so bright out I don't even blame Tucker for holding his hands up.  One boy is missing from the pic.  Coach Brian and Coach Matthew did a really good job.  Tucker likes them and I think they were a big part of why it was so fun for the kids.
We will probably sign up again next year.  It is up to Tucker.  We won't make him, but I am definitely up for it.


Jacquelyn said...
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DerrK said...

I think L wants me to sign him badly. He still comes home from school and tells me all about his soccer game at recess.