Friday, November 16, 2012

Scarlett 18 month Pictures

Scarlett is one busy 18 month old!  She is into everything.  About a month ago she started climbing on our bar stool hight kitchen chairs.  So she not only gets every cup or plate we ever leave on the table, she pushes the chair over to the counter to get everything on there.  The only way to get anything done  is to take everything off the table and then leave her on the chair for a little bit.  She can't get down. hehe.
Scarlett also loves her blanket and she will even sometimes want to cuddle with me.  She will climb up on the couch and cozy up right next to me.  Or even sit herself right onto my lap while I am doing any sort of sitting down exercise (makes it a little difficult).  
One thing I love about Scarlett is that she hasn't been having any stranger anxiety issues!  She even went to nursery by herself for the first time and stayed the whole time and didn't cry about it once.
Scarlett was not really happy about this photo session.  I am not sure why, but it was next to impossible for me to get her to smile.  I think she wasn't happy when she realized that we were at the park to take pictures and not to play.  So every time she looked at me she would cry or put on a really grumpy face.  After about 15 minutes she straight up ignored me and refused to look in my direction.  Candy didn't even help.  It is funny how moody an 18 month old can be.  Most of the pictures turned out like the next one.
Another thing about Scarlett is that she loves loves loves food!  She wants to eat all the time.  I know this is normal for a lot of kids but she is the first of ours to like eating so much.  Any time Bob or I go into the kitchen she giddily runs in after us hoping we are getting her food.  It is pretty cute!  I think her and Penelope might be in the same size clothes before too long (keep in mind Penelope is on the small side).
And I love her curly hair!  Penelope has a slight curl, mostly at the ends, but Scarlett's hair would definitely be classified as curly!  I hope it stays that way.
This puddle did manage to get a few smiles out of her.  Of course she tried to avoid looking at me, and if she did the smile promptly went away.
Scarlett fits in so well with our family I can't wait to see what she thinks of the new baby.


Gayle Daly said...

She's a KEEPER!

Mary-Anne said...

She is darling!

DerrK said...

Pictures are still cute when the child isn't smiling. The stories you get to tell her when she is older. :)