Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Traditions

Bob and I finally got to watch the Frist Presidency Christmas Devotional.  It has become one of my favorite yearly traditions.  To check it out yourself go here.  I also love to read this book to my kids but for some reason I can't find it anywhere.  I searched my house like three times and it hasn't turned up.  I might have to get a new one.  The reason I love this book is because it is the only one I have read that explains the whole christmas story in a language kids can understand.  It talks about Mary, Joseph, how the angel visited them, and even John the Baptist.  Does anyone know of any other good Christmas books for kids that share the bible story of what happened?   I know if I go and buy this book again it will turn up somewhere, so I would rather buy a different one that is just as good.

And some more pictures of our newest tradition the elf on the shelf.  Below you can see he is fishing.
Blitz thought he would help out with the breakfast cereal.
Some friends came over and touched Blitz (the kids were upset) so in this next one we put him up high and said he was hiding because he didn't want anyone to touch him and loose his magic.
Next he decided to wrap up a present for the family.  We had to use one of the upstairs bathrooms all day.
I have so many more fun ideas for Blitz I only wish there were more days.

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