Thursday, December 13, 2012

Holiday Mob Fun in a Flash

Being in a flash mob was something I have wanted to do since I first heard about them a few years ago.  They just seemed so fun and exciting.  So when I saw on facebook that some people were getting together to do one I was happy to sign up.  Even better was that I knew other people that were doing it too.  But as the day got closer I was really hesitant to go through with it.  Some of my friends dropped out and I was scared that it wouldn't work at all and I would just look really dumb.  I was on the fence. But I did do it, and even saw people I knew when I got there.  It wasn't the most amazing flash mob but  it didn't fail miserably like I was scared it would.  And from my point of view it actually turned out pretty well.

We sang a few Christmas Carols and then scattered and that was it.  I didn't start singing right away so it was fun to watch others reactions when people started singing.  People kind of had the "what is going on look on their faces"  One thing I didn't expect was the hundred camera phones being held up in the air once we were a minute into the song.  Good thing I was standing next to someone with the lyrics because I didn't quite have the songs all memorized and I know that looks dumb on video.

Oh and the best part is, I got to be on the front page of the Kitsap Paper!  Good thing I got my hair done earlier in the day and I had make up on!
 Go here to read the article.
I had to buy a paper even though we don't get one regularly.  I'm not really sure what I am going to do with it now.  I guess the fact that it is scanned on the computer and put up on the blog is good enough for me.  I'm not planning on framing it or anything like that.

Now I feel like I can cross one thing off my bucket list.  It wasn't a dancing flash mob like like I really want to do but I am counting it!

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