Friday, December 14, 2012

Penelope's First Hair Cut

Penelope hasn't had her hair cut yet and it was getting pretty scraggly so I thought it was time.  She was excited about it and wanted it cut like Scarlett's (above her shoulders).  I was able to convince her to leave it long.  On the one hand I believe that it is just hair and she should be able to do what she wants, but on the other hand I really like it long.  So I felt a little conflicted.  But in the end she was happy to have it long so it worked out.
Right before the haircut she was having her doubts.  She was saying that she didn't want to, but she never cried or got whiny about it.  I think the fact that she got to wear a cape and sit on the princess chair helped.  That, and I told her she could have a candy cane if she didn't wiggle.  She did great.
And once she was done Talitha even let her help with my hair.  She was actually putting the color on.  It was pretty cute.  I had fun with her at the salon.  My mom had Scarlett and Tucker was in school so this was one of the only times she got to be the only kid and I think she really enjoyed it.
Maybe next time I'll let her cut it a bit shorter.

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