Thursday, December 20, 2012

Let it snow!

I was happy and surprised when Bob woke me up at 5:30 to tell me it was snowing outside.  He wanted to show me because he didn't think it would last.  I was even more happy when I woke up at 7:30 and saw it was still snowing and I had missed a call from school saying it was cancelled!  I then waited around for the kids to get up and by 8:30 we were outside playing in it.  I wanted to hurry and play because it was only supposed to last a couple hours and I wanted to play while Scarlett was still sleeping.

The snow was wet so it was perfect for making a snowman.  Tucker and Penelope were even able to roll out a decent size ball.  It was fun because they were really helping this time.  The only problem was because it was so wet it was very heavy.  I am not supposed to lift a ton but we had to get the middle piece of the snowman up onto his body and it was too heavy for me.  I almost gave up because there was no one in sight to help us but Tucker kept saying things like, we can do it together, and teamwork. So I felt like I had to manage it.  We ended up knocking a lot of the snow off so I could lift it and then building it back up once it was up.
I think the trees look so beautiful in the snow.

Below is the picture Bob took before he left for work.  He wanted to be able to show us in case it melted before the kids and I really got up.  He is the best.
The snow didn't last too long but I am happy we had some this year to play in.  I feel like the kids are missing out when they don't get to experience snow.  Luckily we have had some to play in the past couple of years.

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Wendy Sice said...

Fantastic snowman - love it! xx